Cyprus Wedding Ceremony
26 Sept 2021, 16:00 EEST
Peyia Town Hall,
E709, Peyia, Cyprus

Let us continue the celebration on the peak of the village, surrounded by grape vines and enchanting views.

26 Sep, 18:00 EEST

Guests will be chauffeured to a secret location


The tranquil and traditional village of Peyia is situated on the coast 14km from the city of Paphos, Cyprus.

Join us in a beautiful and historically rich town hall where we will exchange our vows. Then follow the celebration to the peak of the village, surrounded by grape vines and enchanting views.


​Wedding Ceremony

Peyia Town Hall, E709, Peyia, Cyprus

30min drive from Paphos International Airport

Evening Dinner & Soiree

Secret Location


You being there to share our special day with us is the best gift we could receive. However, some people have expressed a wish to buy us a present to mark the occasion. We do not expect anything, but if anyone wishes to give us a gift then a monetary donation to our Honeymoon Fund would be gratefully received.

Swish: Amanda Laitinen, +46 76 402 32 09


Travel & COVID-19

We appreciate the uncertain times we live in and have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the latest government guidelines are followed.


We recommend travelling to Paphos International Airport, which is a 25min drive to the ceremony. However you can also arrive at Larnaca International Airport, which is a 1h 20min drive to Peiya, Paphos.

Please note, there are plenty affordable accommodation deals on AirBnB &

We will keep this section updated so please check regularly.



  • You need to fill out a ‘Cyprus Flight Pass’ found here (

  • Travellers with proof of two COVID-19 vaccinations are not required to take a PCR test before departure or on arrival.

  • If you are not vaccinated, take a PCR test within 72 hours prior to departure and provide proof of a negative result. You must then undergo another PCR test upon arrival at Larnaca or Paphos airports



  • Från och med torsdag 19 augusti ingår Sverige i kategori RÖD

  •  Resenärer från Sverige som inte kan uppvisa vaccinationsbevis mot Covid-19 måste kunna uppvisa ett negativt PCR-testresultat, genomfört inom 72 timmar före avresa, samt ta ytterligare ett PCR-test vid ankomst (kostar 15 euro på Larnaca flygplats eller 19 euro på Pafos flygplats)

  • Vaccinerade resenärer undantas från testkravet.

  • För barn upp till 12 år krävs inget PCR-test för inresa (endast Cyprus Flight Pass). 

  • Cyprus Flight Pass, som man ansöker om inom 48 timmar före avresa via den elektroniska plattformen "Cyprus Flight Pass", är obligatoriskt för alla resenärer.



Oranssin maa kategorian mukaisesti Suomesta Kyprokselle saapuvilta henkilöiltä vaaditaan EU-koronatodistus, joka on myönnetty seuraavin ehdoin:

  • Rokotustodistus (myönnetty kaikilla tarvittavilla rokoteannoksilla rokotetulle henkilölle) tai

  • 72 tunnin sisällä ennen lähtöä otetutun PCR-testin negatiivinen tulos tai

  • Todistus sairastetusta koronaviruksesta (voimassa 180 pv, alkaen 14. päivästä positiivisesta testituloksesta) tai

  • Todistus sairastetusta koronaviruksesta ja rokotus ensimmäisellä rokoteannoksella.

Please get in touch if you have any questions:

Amanda Laitinen


Jordan Ismain