On a spontaneous travel adventure to Helsinki, Finland with his brother, Jordan Ismain & Amanda Laitinen were introduced through mutual friends. Amanda and her bestie Mariama had promised to show ‘these two brothers around’ however almost didn’t show! Feeling independent, Amanda and Mariama came up with a secret girl code in case these two London strangers really were strange...

In September 2018, both met for the first time in a delicious Vietnamese restaurant and later a secret 19th century bar. Conversations got deeper and both realised through connection this was something special. Thankfully the girls decided not to bail!

Jordan promised to write a letter, old school style, when he returned to London. And both would go on to meet between London, Helsinki and Stockholm as their relationship grew to true love.

Jordan introduced Amanda to the exciting city life, and Amanda reconnected him with Scandinavian nature... including crazy Finnish ice baths. Two worlds complementing each other.



Both strongly believe you must fight for what you believe in, as unexpected life circumstances would mean they would be separated from each other and Jordan would have to fight to get back to his Princess.

Reunited in Transylvania, Romania, both stronger and wiser their love was reaffirmed. And on Sunday 4th April, Jordan proposed in the middle of the raw Swedish forest next to Amanda’s hometown.

Amanda said ‘Oh my... Of course!’